Passion For The Hunt TV | Wyoming Archery Elk and Mule Deer Hunting with Mission Sub1 Crossbow
Published on Jul 28, 2019: Had the opportunity to hunt with the new Mission Sub1 Crossbow for both elk and mule deer in southern Wyoming. Am an avid archery hunter who has never hunted with a crossbow before. The pros of the crossbow was the accuracy out to long ranges that exceeded one hundred yards and the fact that you didn’t have to hold your draw.

Obviously the range is similar for modern compound bows but the average hunter can extend their range dramatically with a cross bow without a lot of practice. Cons included being much more awkward and heavy to carry and not as comfortable shooting offhand. Much more difficult to crawl and stalk with the crossbow. Since I love archery hunting with a more traditional bow, not sure if I would ever give that feeling up unless I had physical difficulties drawing a bow but I am glad I hunted with the crossbow for the experience. Had a challenging but fun hunt in southern Wyoming where we spent most of our time pursuing elk during the rut. Had some awesome encounters and close calls with some average elk and saw elk every day but just couldn’t connect. On the last day of our hunt, we decided to make a few stalks on mule deer and was fortunate to harvest a great mule deer with about a fifty-five yard shot. Make sure to Leave your comments below! If you like the video, we would appreciate it if you gave us a like and please subscribe.



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