North Dakota late season Waterfowl hunt and Minnesota Muzzleloader Deer hunt

Passion for the Hunt’s Jason Mitchell hunt’s the last days of the North Dakota Waterfowl season and pro staffer Chase Furstenau braves the bitter cold in search of his first Minnesota Whitetail with a muzzeloader. Read More »


Manitoba Archery Bear Hunt

Published on Aug 10, 2015: Passion for the Hunt’s Jason Mitchell and pro-staffer Chase Furstenau head to Manitoba for two different archery black bear hunts. Massive 435 pound Boone and Crocket boar shot with bow at fifteen yards. Read More »


Massive Montana Mule Deer

Published on Aug 9, 2015: Passion for the Hunt chases Mule Deer with Burke Ranch Outfitters in Northeast Montana’s Missouri River Country. Rugged beautiful country and classic spot and stalk hunting for massive mule deer. Read More »


South Dakota Whitetails and Pheasants

Published on Aug 4, 2015: Passion for the Hunt spends a few days with the Double P Ranch in eastern South Dakota to combo up on some exciting pheasant hunting and whitetail deer archery hunting. Outdoor Overload! Read More »


Wyoming Elk Hunt

Published on Aug 4, 2015: Join Passion for the Hunt host Jason Mitchell on a late October rifle hunt for elk with Savery Creek Outfitters in southern Wyoming. Read More »


Pheasant Hunting and Antelope Archery hunt

Season 1 Episode 3: South Dakota pheasants and dog training tips with Brad Donald from Wings of Thunder Lodge combined with an early season archery antelope hunt in central Wyoming over a water hole. Read More »


Merriam’s Turkey Hunt in Black Hills of South Dakota

Season 1 Episode 2: Passion for the Hunt showcases turkey hunting opportunities in the Black Hills of South Dakota with staff member Nick Chiodo. Episode highlights the increased turkey hunting opportunities for hunters across the Midwest and shares some tips Read More »


Spring Archery Bear Hunt near Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Season 1 Episode 1: Incredible close up encounters with big black bears with Lynn Lake Fly In Outposts in northern Manitoba. Host Jason Mitchell arrows a big black bear from the ground. Big bears and big fish makes this destination Read More »


Welcome to Passion for the Hunt

We are hunters, conservationists and stewards who not only have a passion for hunting but a genuine love for what hunting can do for people. Join our staff as we cover a wide facet of topics that range from preparation, Read More »


Showcasing Some of North America’s most Exhilarating Hunting Opportunities

Filming high quality hunting experiences for a variety of game takes us to some of greatest hunting destinations throughout the Upper Midwest and Canada. Information on many of the destinations, resorts and tourism information featured on our show can be Read More »


Arctic Shield by Onyx – Keeping You There

Onyx outdoor recreation products provide reliable, dependable and trustworthy gear you are looking for to keep you outdoors longer and will allow you to experience nature on your terms. Read More »

Perspectives on Cecil the Lion


By Jason Mitchell

The power of social media is evident in the aftermath of the Cecil the Lion incident.  We live in a new world where something can go viral reaching millions of people in a short amount of time.  Drives home the point that as hunters, we have to realize that everything we say or do is under scrutiny. 


Farm Country Whitetails

The author Jason Mitchell with an archery buck from 2014 harvested in early September. When the terrain permits, rely more on what you can learn from a spotting scope versus relying solely on trail cameras.

By Jason Mitchell

So much of the information written or said about whitetail hunting originates from big woods hunting. While there are lessons that can be learned or reapplied wherever deer roam, tactics and strategies can change dramatically as the terrain changes. What makes whitetails such remarkable animals is their adaptableness. What I found as I picked up a bow and pursued whitetails is that many of the concepts and information I absorbed as a beginning bow hunter was irrelevant because wide open farm country creates different challenges. There are a few things I wish somebody would have told me when I first started bow hunting Great Plains whitetails.


Bruins of Northern Canada


By Jim Cunningham, Passion for the Hunt Television

Spring Canadian Bear Hunting an incredible cast and blast adventure

Canadian spring black bear hunts in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan offer an outdoor overdose for hunters and anglers.  Long days are often combined with close proximity to incredible fishing with evenings and mornings capped off with bear hunting.  The ultimate cast and blast experience if you love to both hunt and fish.

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