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Geese on the Saskatchewan Prairies

By Jason Mitchell, Passion for the Hunt TV

The prairies of Saskatchewan have a mystique for waterfowl hunters.  Big, wide open country where there seems to be an endless amount of birds and not very many hunters.  For many migrating geese and ducks, these endless wheat fields are the first encounter with decoy spreads and hunters each fall.  Hunters can target or witness a variety of birds; snow geese, blue geese, white-fronted geese (specks or speckle belly geese), several subspecies of Canada geese, cacklers and sand hill cranes, along with puddle ducks like mallards, widgeon and pintails. 


Bears of Wekusko

By Jason Mitchell/ Passion for the Hunt Television

For many bow hunters in the Midwest and eastern half of the United States, much of our past experience archery hunting involves whitetail deer.  Other species or opportunities often require a road trip.  Canadian spring bear hunting is attractive to many archery hunters because this type of hunt is often affordable and easy to accomplish.  For hunters who have never been close to a bear, these hunts can also seem quite exotic.  Black bears are reclusive, but their strength and agility inspire awe.  Many a bow hunter has completely lost their nerves when a large boar walks to the bottom of the ladder stand.  Bears can give even the most experienced archery hunters the shakes.  No shame.  Battling composure during a massive infusion of adrenaline is why we bow hunt and exactly why so many hunters love to hunt bears in particular. 


Seasoned Perspectives on Turkeys

By Passion for the Hunt

Hunters love turkey hunting in large part because of the interaction between hunter and bird.  A never-ending challenge where birds respond to calling and decoys with a range of emotions that span from aggressiveness to nonchalant.  Getting a turkey to posture and respond in your face is all about getting a bird fired up and there are few hunters who have fired up as many turkeys as Bruce “Wickerbill” Crist. 

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