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Seasoned Perspectives on Turkeys

By Passion for the Hunt

Hunters love turkey hunting in large part because of the interaction between hunter and bird.  A never-ending challenge where birds respond to calling and decoys with a range of emotions that span from aggressiveness to nonchalant.  Getting a turkey to posture and respond in your face is all about getting a bird fired up and there are few hunters who have fired up as many turkeys as Bruce “Wickerbill” Crist. 


Warrior Buck, A Look Back at 2017

By Tayler Michels

Some of the most exhilarating hunting adventures I’ve experienced in my life combine Mule Deer with Archery. Compared to anything I’ve personally done in the outdoors, spot and stalk Mule Deer with stick and string is my personal favorite joy.  I plan all summer, waiting for fall and the chance to stalk a mature buck.  Motivated by big mule deer that gave me the slip in seasons past.  The 2017 hunting season was going to be difficult for me. I had a busy schedule planned during a large part of the season that would completely black out all my weekends through thanksgiving. I was left with a handful of windows during the last few weeks of the season. Everyday this fall, it seemed I went to bed dreaming about December’s unpredictable weather.


Stalking Technology

By Tayler Michels, Passion for the Hunt Television

 Tools and technology have complete changed spot and stalk hunting.  Better optics enable hunters to find the desired animal.  Range finders eliminate any guess work.  Advancements in optics, weapons, clothing… Hunters today use specialized pieces of equipment that increases the odds for a successful stalk.  GPS technology is another tool that is extremely valuable for spot and stalk western big game hunting. 

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