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About Us


Passion for the Hunt Television is a regionally broadcast television show available throughout the Midwest on both Cable and Broadcast, covering North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri on Fox Sports Net North and Fox Sports Net Midwest. This informative and educational half hour show features and showcases some of the greatest hunting opportunities in the region along with techniques, guests and tactics that viewers find informative and enjoyable to watch.

Our Philosophy

We are hunters, conservationists and stewards who not only have a passion for hunting but a genuine love for what hunting can do for people. Join our staff as we cover a wide facet of topics that range from preparation, strategy and technique to conservation and hunter recruitment.

We find and showcase stories about real hunters experiencing the outdoors.  We explain strategies and techniques that work in the field.  We showcase the details that are so important for a successful hunt.  Our passion for hunting extends beyond the actual harvest however.  We promote good sportsmanship and highlight important conservation issues.  This dedication and commitment to excellence in video shooting, editing and storytelling is something we are proud of.  We hope that you the viewer can recognize and share our appreciation for great outdoor television.

From hunting opportunities out the back door to destinations across the Country, we share with you our “Passion for the Hunt.”